SCTE 2014 - 19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements
21-26 June 2014, GENOVA - ITALY
SCTE 2014
SCTE 2014

The “SCTE 2014 – 19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements” was held at the Palazzo della Nuova Borsa, Genova, Italy, from 21 to 26 June 2014.

We are pleased to report that the Conference was very successful, mainly thanks to all the speakers and participants.

Over the five days we had 5 Plenaries and 5 Invited talks, 8 Keynotes, 43 Oral communications and more than 70 Poster presentations.

Awards were assigned to the two best oral presentations made by young researchers (Klára Uhlířová and Mattia Lucchini) , and to the four best poster presentations (Joanna Czub, Jennifer Gellert, Riccardo Minetti and Kunio Yubuta).

As the year 2014 has been declared by the United Nations General Assembly the International Year of the Crystallography, some work sessions have been dedicated to the presentation of subjects regarding the crystallographic complexity and properties of the intermetallic compounds of the transition elements. Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of new materials, thermoelectric materials, molecular magnetism, nanostructured optical materials and nanocompounds have also been presented.

I would like to thank all the people who were involved and made it possible, including all the speakers and participants, the International Advisory Board, the local organizers and the Institutions who gave their valuable support and/or patronage.
A special thanks goes to Camera di Commercio di Genova and AMGA for having established a considerable number of bursaries that enabled many young researchers to attend the Conference.

The next appointment will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, organized by Prof. J. Bartolomé.
I wish the organizers a great success, and hope to meet you all there to bring us up to date on the new and exciting developments in the solid compounds of transition elements.

Fondazione AMGA
Università degli Studi di Genova